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Jung meant and how contemporaries responded conference paper pdf available october 2012 with 12,782 reads how we measure reads. Ebook or pdf edited book email encyclopedia article govt. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Extraverts sometimes called extroverts are gregarious, assertive, and generally seek out excitement. Although introversion and extraversion have become household words, their meaning is frequently misunderstood. Carl jung introduction he founded analytical psychology. Extraversionintroversion jungs theory springerlink. Folklore has it that when carl jung was once asked which was the correct spellingextravert or extrovert jung. Extroversion also spelled extraversion is a personality factor characterized by the directing of ones attention and interests outside of the self. Understanding introversion, extroversion, and the eight orientations carl jung created eight distinct personality types. Carl jung, the father of psychological type, believed that the preferences of extraversion and introversion were the most important of personality traits.

Carl jung and the achievement of personality duration. Carl jung was an early supporter of freud because of their shared interest in the. Extraversion and introversion city vision university. Carl jung and the four color energies swiss psychologist carl jung built on the work of hippocrates and defined the four temperaments in terms of colors. Everyone has all of the color energies in their personality, to differing degrees. Some introverts may be more introverted than others and thus require more time alone to recharge their batteries, and some extraverts might need more stimulation than others. Jung s theory of psychological types is sketched as a prelude to developing a naturalistic ethics.

Extroverts essay 30 words 6 pages according to many psychologists and other social experts, there exist two major social behaviors that are widely adopted globally by a person as they mature into young adulthood. His theory is one of the type theories of personality, as it involved typology of introversion and extroversion. He created categories of psychological type through a combination of attitudes and preferences measured by bipolar scales. Cool blue, earth green, sunshine yellow and fiery red. If you have any questions about issues, please report us to resolve them. Carl jung on extraversion and introversion prelude. Jung s theory on personality types shows the various behavioural patterns and attitude. Introverts, in contrast, are more reserved, less outgoing, and less sociable. Aug 31, 2015 the difference between extraversion and extroversion.

Introversion, ask a doctor about diagnosis, treatment and. He proposed and developed the concepts of archetypes, collective unconscious, individuation, personality types among other ideas. According to these theories, an introvert is a person whose interest is generally directed inward toward his own feelings and thoughts, in contrast to an extravert, whose attention is directed toward other people and the outside world. Sources are carl gustav jung s psychological types and. Popularized as a psychological term by the german works of carl jung. Carl jung s perspective on personality is quite insightful. Its strange how many people are bought into the theory and practice of jungian type but havent ventured to read the words of the great man himself. Introversionextraversion personality characteristics. The terms introversion and extraversion were popularized by carl jung. The ego jung saw the ego as the centre of the field of consciousness which contains our conscious awareness of existing and a continuing sense of personal identity. Introvert and extravert, basic personality types according to the theories of the 20thcentury swiss psychiatrist carl jung. Leadership extraversion and introversion carl jung.

Introversion and extraversion appear to be innate temperaments or personality traits which. The myersbriggs type indicator, or mbti, is based on the writings of carl jung. Since jung introduced extraversion and introversion, psychology has come a long way towards understanding, doing extensive research on the constructs. Carl jungs theory jungs theory focuses on the cognitive aspects of personality i. Jung called extraversion introversion preference general attitude, since it reflects an individuals attitude toward the external world distinguished by the direction of general interest jung, 1971. Tell god everything you fear to acknowledge, because he cannot heal what you conceal, and he will heal everything you reveal. Carl jung,a psychiatrist who developed a theory based around eight personality types, was highly influenced by the findings and work of sigmund freud. Carl jung established a theory, which saw universal types in human personality. Jan 11, 2016 the nouns introvert and extravert showed up for the first time in the same sentence in constance ellen longs 1916 english translation of the papers of carl gustav jung, the founder of analytical psychology. The traits of extraversion or extroversion and introversion are a central dimension in some human personality theories. How extroversion in personality influences behavior.

By 1947 eysencks research had confirmed that introvert and extravert factors were important dimensions of. Jung meant and how contemporaries responded conference paper pdf available october 2012 with 12,604 reads how we measure reads. Jungs theory of introvert and extrovert personalities. Jungs theory on personality types shows the various behavioural patterns and attitude. Children can fall anywhere along the continuum from extremely gregarious and outgoing to intensely introspective and. Precursors of the trait can be found in the writings of the ancient greeks, though many psychologists trace the origin of modern extraversion research to carl jung. By introversion, jung meant a turning inward of the libido psychic energy, whereas extraversion referred to a directing outward of the libido. Page numbers in the original publication are given in the text in brackets. There are by far more extraverts about twothirds than introverts just over onethird in. Extraversion tends to be manifested in outgoing, talkative, energetic behavior, whereas introversion is manifested in more reserved.

Carl jungs concept of humanity and theory of personality. Explaining the original jungian concepts of introversion. I the unique nature of what it is to be a human being is directly relevant to the question of what is possible for human beings to do. A persons natural tendency toward one will be stronger than the other. Originally conceptualized by carl jung and then developed by katherine briggs and her daughter isabel briggs meyers, the concept of extraversion vs.

Jung states that there are two differing attitudes toward lifetwo different modes of reacting to circumstances. Jung meant and how contemporaries responded peter geyer werribee, australia. Extraversion and introversion were popularised by swiss psychoanalyst carl jung 18751961 in 1921. Extraversion and introversion from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In jungs conceptualization, extraverts were more focused on the outer world and introverts on their own inner mentality. The trait of extraversion introversion is a central dimension of human personality theories. The two met in 1907 in vienna and formed a relationship tight enough for freud to invite jung to the clark conference in 1909. The history of extraversion research is as long as the history of psychology itself. The 2 attitudes extroversion and introversion and the 4 psychological functions carl gustav jung 1875 1961 was a pioneer in the field of analytical psychology. Carl jungs trait theories of personality free download as powerpoint presentation. Carl jungs theory on introverts, extraverts, and ambiverts youtube.

Jung s work was influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. Extraversion is a personality characteristic associated with sociability, impulsiveness and aggression. Extraversion has also been linked to physiological factors. Extraversion tends to be manifested in outgoing, talkative, energetic behavior, whereas introversion is manifested in more reserved and solitary behavior. He was the first to distinguish the two major attitudes or orientations of personality extroversion and introversion. Most of jungs assumptions of his analytical psychology reflect his theoretical differences. Aug 01, 2016 first, from a traditionalist point of view, the term extraversion wasnt a part of psychology until carl jung introduced it into the lexicon of the science world. In psychological types, jung described how extraverts engage with external stimuli jung, 1921. Dec 26, 2016 jung defined the term extraversion in psychological types as an outwardturning of libido and in the same book introversion as the inwardturning of libido 1921, pp. There 4 types of introverts according to jungian psychology. Recognizing extraverts and introverts participant worksheet.

The spelling extravertion is rare in general use but is found in technical use in psychology. We all know what jung meant by extraversion and introversion, but do we know what he actually said. Extraversion and introversion are opposite preferences. According to jung, an extravert seeks intensive contact with the outside world. Ausapt biennial conference melbourne, australia october 2527, 2012 extraversion introversion. Jungs personality theory psychology of personality period 8. So while attributes of introversion and extraversion can be described generally in their own right, jung s primary concern was the role of introversion and extraversion in determining the attitude direction of the functions. Introversion and extraversion are terms first coined by psychiatrist carl gustav jung in switzerland of the 1920s. According to carl jung, every person has a dominant life. The psychologist has been vital in the world of psychology throughout his career, until his death in june 6, 1961. Carl jung coined the terms introversion and extraversion to refer to two different psychological attitudes. Carl jung analytical psychology view presentation slides online. The intention of this article is to understand how jung viewed humanity as whole, and how this view of humanity helped shape his theories. Extroversion is characterized by sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness.

Extraversion and occupational choice research prospect. The trait of extraversion introversion is a central dimension of human personality. Explaining the original jungian concepts of introversion and. He believed that extraverts direct their energy outwards towards other people and gain energy from such encounters. Explaining the original jungian concepts of introversion and extraversion many people are not aware of the original definition of introversion, which was created by carl jung, a swiss psychologist, and mentioned in detail in his book psychological types. Psychological types is volume 6 in the princeton bollingen edition of the collected works of c.

Extraversion and introversion refers to the source of ones energy. May 14, 2014 if you have taken a myersbriggs personality test, this is a concerned observers explanation of the concepts behind it. The primary source materials provide an excellent insight into his thinking on personality differences and he gives us colour, flavour and. It is currently used by 89 of the fortune 100 companies and is probably the most common personality test out there. An ethics, then, could be derived from the psychological aspects of. Understanding introverts and extravertsithe center for. Nov 30, 2011 carl jung created eight distinct personality types. It has also proved so ludicrously popular that a range of tshirts, mugs and other memorabilia are available to interested parties. In a way, this is an exercise in reverse engineeringstarting with theory in order to work backward to find the concept of humanity. Carl jungs trait theories of personality extraversion and. In addition, authors such as eve carl jung 1971, ted 2012 raised important points regarding the theory that an extreme introvert or extreme introvert does not exist in real life. Introversion and extraversion are psychological modes of 1 psychological types, cw 6, p. Introversion article about introversion by the free dictionary. For simplicity, we will consider jungs psychology of the conscious mind as described in his psychological types as a case study.

These orientations are the pairing of two attitudes. Introverts vs extroverts louisiana judicial college. In addition, he differentiates between to fundamental life attitudes. The personality theory of carl jung iiteeeestudents. Extroversion is the most common spelling of the term in the united states. Carl jung, the renowned psychiatrist said, the most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. The difference between extraversion and extroversion. An extravert can hardly conceive the necessity which compels the introvert to conquer the world by means of a system. Kendra cherry, ms, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Jung s typology, eudaemonology, and the elusive art of happiness.

Capobianco previously in psychological perspectives, 20. The names extraversion and introversion were brought into the popular terminology of psychology by c. Extraversion e and introversion i describe how a person directs their energy either outwardly toward people and activities or inwardly toward thoughts and ideas. In the big 5 theory of personality, extroversion often known as extraversion is one of the five core traits believed to make up human personality. Of course, like so many things in life, introversion and extraversion exist on a spectrum. Jungs work was influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. The science of extraversion and introversion truity. As i have already indicated, there are many highest principles both of life and of philosophy, and accordingly there just as many different forms of compensation by opposites. Carl jung s trait theories of personality free download as powerpoint presentation. In 1921 jung published psychological types, a work that has profound meaning especially regarding this mystical card science.

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