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The freedom of online discussion has elevated nerd arguments into an art form. You are showing your love for something and that is not something to be ashamed of. Jun 28, 20 the words nerd and geek are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Large selection of new and vintage comics and collectables. The bizarre origins of the words nerd and geek britannica. Smart person may fit into the above categories with very poor social skills. So the chief difference between geeks and nerds is social aptitude. Jul 02, 2010 a nerd is often but not always more intelligent then a geek, or, if not, is often but not always more intelligent in nerdyspecific areas whereas a geek of equal intelligence may have less intelligence in one area because the total intelligence is spread between multiple areas, including some which normal popular ap kids might be. After all, nerds and geeks may have sat with one another at the lunch table during high school, or they may have even played the. Myself, good with computers, intelligent, and general mechanics, such as the engineering type. Well i wanted to explore the origin and meaning of each one. Perhaps true nerds would have to be in the nerd category, to fully forsake the world and to become an expert. If you are passionate about something, go out and discuss it. There is a difference between geek and nerd home facebook.

Now, i have just recently figured out that the differences between a geek and a nerd are more than i thought so. A term used almost exclusively in the uk to affectionately refer to an expert or egghead. Being a nerd or a geek is not all the way accepted but its making its way into the society at my high school. The definition of a nerd is not completely set in stone, but, you may. Seriously, i think that a geek is a somewhat introverted, shy, awkward person whereas a nerd is called someone who puts all his efforts and intellectual thoughts into a project dear to his heart to a point of obsession. This explains a lot of nerd infighting, but there are way more examples like fake geek. Well then, you have arrived at the proper destination. Id say a nerd is someone with great knowledge in a specialized field, such as higher mathematics or astrobiology or something like that, but. One thought on difference between geek and nerd raju shrestha july 25, 2017. After reading this article, i tend to meticulously look into the clothing and appearance of the geek sqauds and doubt, are they really geeks or nerds raju. I think of a geek as one who is interested in scifi, computers, roleplaying, anime, and the like. You may now clearly understand the difference between a nerd and a geek, and feel complete. Every high school has them, the jocks, the popular kids, the stoners, the nerds, and the geeks.

Seuss book if i ran the zoo, in which one of the zoo creatures, an angry little old man, was called a nerd. What are the differences between nerds, geeks, and. If your a geek or a nerd then this is the quiz for you. Difference between a geek and a nerd their level of skill in social interactions. Nerd and geek have similar etymologies, with neither originally having much positive association. These stereotypes emerged in the 1940s and 1950s and have been going strong ever since.

Weird slight negative connotation, indicates the person is different from the perceived normal. When someone usually ask me which i consider myself, i often say im a nerd, a geek, and dorky enough to know the difference. Sep 24, 2011 this article will help you to tell the difference between nerd and geek. Dec 02, 2010 the difference between being a nerd and a geek is deeply subjective geeking out about something means becoming an expert in a particular subject many see themselves as both nerd and geek. Geeks are collection oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. The difference between geeks and nerds has been the subject of much debate. What, if anything, is the difference between a wonk, a geek. If there already is a term, it tends to be used instead of geeks. It is considered by some to be an insult to be called a nerd or a geek. Geek cultures scholarlycommons university of pennsylvania. The differences between nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs.

Jun 17, 20 the difference between a geek and a nerd infographic theyre not the same. Im basically just like any other sociopathic nerd, and im guilty of. How to tell the difference youtube mix play all mix good mythical morning youtube epic rap battle. This term originated from the back room boys in the second world war who were, amongst other things. You could be a music geek, movie geek, programming geek, star wars geek, cars geek, sports geek, computer hardware geek, history geek, etc. While the terms are often used interchangeably by people lessintheknow, and for some people who selfapply the labels geek or nerd, there is often an overlap in characteristics,1 and there are some characteristics that can be emphasized.

Ive always wondered what the difference is between a geek and a nerd. Using twitter data, and actual math, a line gets drawn in the sands of tattooinetyree to finally separate the worlds of geeks and nerds. Any person you meet in a social situation is more likely a geek since nerds tend to be introverted or reclusive. May 04, 2017 the difference between geek and nerd seems trickier. The label geek tends to be used for someone passionate about things with a science or popular culture origin, or when theres no common term for someone with that passion. Today, being a geek or a nerd no longer implies that youll receive a horrible wedgie and get thrown in a locker. Nerds tend to have deer in the headlights when it comes to social interactions, where as geeks are sometimes able to blend in. Spitfire pilot 1the boffins have cracked the enigma code.

Language is often subjective, so different people may see it differently. As geeks we are expected to have a certain set of skills that the majority of the population does not possess. A while back, we pointed out how terms like geek and nerd had become meaningless, since everything that used to be a geek hobby is now everyones hobby. Geek a person who knows just about everything about one topic or field of interest. Some people believe that one word is empowering and the other is. Tell the difference between nerds and geeks nerd geek, what is a. But thats where alot of kids learned the difference between a geek a weird but nice person, and a nerd. Mar 26, 2010 nerd, geek, and dweed by this diagram should all be considered positive, because they contain intelligence but simply harness it in different ways. Hidden inside the redmond antique mall at 2127 s hwy 97. Take a look at the similarities and differences between a geek and a nerd. Aug 31, 2016 have you ever been called a dork, nerd, geek, or some combination thereof. Jan 5, 20 how to tell the difference between nerds and geeks.

Nerd is often used interchangably with geek and it is true that many people are both but they mean. The geeks of today are commonly associated with techie things like mobile phones and computers. Know the difference between radiation and radioactive contamination. Sep 23, 2014 being a nerd or a geek is definitely is something to be proud of. Differences between a nerd, a geek, and a dork difference. Jul 01, 20 a computer geek might read wired and tap the silicon valley rumormill for leads on the next hotnewthing, while a computer nerd might read clrs and keep an eye out for clever new ways of.

Nerd is often used interchangably with geek and it is true that many people are both but they mean different things. Although they seem very similar, im gonna have to go with a yeah i dont think so. Brand x picturesbrand x picturesgetty images quick question. Jan 05, 2012 nerds often were racist, bigoted, caused strife and harassing other kids, refused to respect others, and constantly berated and insulted other kids. Microchip, microchip on the wall, who is the geekiest of them all. You can distinguish between a geek and a nerd based in part on appearance, but mainly by actions. A geek is someone who is unusually enthusiastic about a specific topic, sometimes an unusual topic, such as computing, science, maths or painting tiny models from lord of the rings. Science nerd and music geek burr settles attempted to clarify the difference between the terms geek and nerd using conversation data from. Settles then created a chart, which shows that specific technology knowledge and comic collections tend to be considered geeky while science pursuits, books, and education are usually nerdy. May 20, 2020 when comparing the two, a geek may enjoy playing board games with others or watching films with friends while a nerd might like computer games or chess, which are quieter and more solo pursuits. The common thought is that nerds, geeks, and dorks are one and the same. We went from a time when only greasyhaired dorks knew how to work a computer to an era when every backwardcapwearing jock has a smartphone in his pocket. The best way to tell the difference between nerds and geeks. Someone who spends a lot of time and energy in a certain special but conventional area, like computer programming or troubleshooting, but not necessarily computers or technology.

Another difference between a geek and a nerd is that they have this obsession in one or two particular hobbies. The distinction is that geeks are fans of their subjects, and nerds are practitioners of them. Sometimes used with a positive connotation by people who eschew the normal. There is a difference between geek and nerd, ferryhill. Difference between nerd and geek difference between. How to tell the difference between nerds and geeks. According to benjamin nugent, author of american nerd. The story of my people, the word nerd first appeared in the dr. Unlocking that would probably take a much bigger nerd than any of us at cracked, because we all qualify more as geeks. More devoted to band than a band geek, and less annoying than a band dork.

Based on popular usage of these terms, geeks and nerds are a new brand of cool kid. Mar 24, 2012 you know, colbert said the difference between a geek and a nerd is that geeks actually get things done. Difference between nerd, geek, and dork going the wong way. The simplest form of explanation in this ageold debacle is to clearly define each term. Reddit, what is the difference between a nerd and a geek. Geeks are the really techical savey people, who are usually good at mathematics, remarkably intelligent, and usually keep to themselves but are pretty normal when you talk to them, and can interact well with people of different types. Each high school has them, athletes, kids, drug addicts, nerds and geeks. Someone who knows the difference between the top two. The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult. To me, a nerd was someone whos intelligent and not necessarily unlikable or antisocial, whereas a geek was someone whos bookish, unkempt, and generally lacking in social awareness or etiquette.

Remarkably intelligent like geeks, usually the honorroll student. Know the difference between a nerd, a geek, and a dork. I wanted to know what the difference was between the three. Now that phrase can be subjective and different people can view it differently. Forum novelties 50s class nerd geek cracked broken costume. Jan 27, 2019 geeks and nerds share common characteristics, but arent the same. If you see a very skinny or very fat socially awkward dude who wears glasses and is in the middle of coding an automated program to farm world of warcraft gold, is he a geek or a nerd. A nerd is knowledgeable about arcane matters such as science and computers but has social skills. What is the difference between dork, nerd, and geek. What are the differences between weird, freak, geek, nut. After all, nerds and geeks may have sat with one another at the lunch table during high school, or they may have even played the same instrument in marching band.

Bill gates was a notorious geek, with unwashed hair. But, just like modern art, there are still too many psychopaths. The difference between a geek and a nerd infographic. Yet, while the nerdgeek schism is a laughable distinction tantamount to the great trekkietrekker debate, the important thing to remember is that in this modern era we can employ the words as we. As more and more people embrace their inner nerd or geek, firm distinctions have arisen between the two terms. Difference between geek and nerd the crazy programmer. In the end, however, nerds and geeks all have something to contribute and often dont fit many of the stereotypes about them. Halfhero, half scapegoat, turing is credited with helping to crack the nazi enigma codes at the end. A chart explaining the difference between geeks and nerds. Whats the difference between geeks, freaks, and nerds. To the average joe, maybe the two words mean the same thing. Geek a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity or how i once heard it explained, a nerd is someone who is really good at something but doesnt like doing it and a geek is someone who is really good at something and really enjoys doing it. You can apparently have chess geeks, guitar geeks, or cooking geeks.

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