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Author of the new species chapter of the book, keith kappel, joins me. Ive always liked the kel dor, but thought why not a full helmet instead of a mask and goggles. Kel dor characters begin play with these items at no cost. They required masks to protect them when in oxygenrich atmospheres.

Star wars saga edition rebellion era campaign guide. Kel dors, sometimes referred to as kel dorians, were a sentient species hailing from the technological planet dorin. He is an accomplished warrior, diplomat and strategist. Combined with the fact that in my opinion his mask vaguely resembles that of plo koon if you squint, i guess. Kel dors, sometimes referred to as kel dorians, were a sentient species hailing. Kelex has 155 books on goodreads with 28095 ratings. Shadow fall alphabet squadron book 2 to be narrated by carol monda, who voiced lene. Plo koon a jedi master and member of the jedi high council.

This name generator will generate 10 names fit for the kel dor race of the star wars universe. Kel dor star wars characters pictures, star wars species, star wars. Interestingly enough, we havent seen them without their breath masks before. It was shorter than i expected and i liked it, even if the plot twist at the end left me really confused and a little annoyed by the heroine. All kel dor can speak, read, and write both basic and kel dor. The breathing mask also helped to amplify the kel dors voice, as they were. To be honest, it doesnt look like a kel dor could fit inside that helmet. Keldor also appears in the dc comics but was cursed by his father and became skeletor. Plo koon was a kel dor male from the planet dorin who became a. Within this mouth are no teeth, but only strands of. Book one, the weave of fate, is included in all preorders book trailer ageless fury check out the new trailer for book two of the mists of kel doran series, ageess fury, now playing on.

Pretty loose speculation on my part, but its a neat connection if true. The reasons for this were because the kel dor could not survive within an oxygenrich environment and the main planets featured within the star wars sagas and tv shows. Unmasked was an okay read quite different from lots of books im used to read. Home made latex mask and gloves, lightsaber with amber luxeon rebel led and master replicas force fx yoda soundboard. A notable kel dor was jedi master plo koon, who served on the jedi council prior to the fall of the. He was the jedi who found ahsoka tano, and from that moment, they shared a special bond. As such, i have decided to post the csg complete species guide to solve this. Plo koon by randy siplon star wars books, star wars rpg, star wars jedi. The kel dor are a race of rather odd looking humanoids. They have a gaping hole that starts where a nose would normally be and descends to their low mouths. In order to survive oxygenrich environments, they were required to wear specialized breath masks that covered their eyes and nostrils. Star wars droidenstar wars the oldstar wars booksstar wars characters picturesstar wars concept artthe old republicsithcharacter art. They were also known for the unique forceusing traditions of the baran do sages. Dec 2, 2017 plo koon was a kel dor male from the planet dorin who became a.

An antiox breath mask is poisonous to other species. Kelex now writes erotica under the pen name xander kane this post has been moved to xanders blog. Kel dors were a sentient species native to the planet dorin. Plo koon is a kel dor jedi master who sits on the jedi council. Custom kel dor dark jedi star wars costume youtube. He hasnt been shown without his mask in the new canon, but we have seen his bare face in legends. The only other species in canon weve seen with antiox breath masks are the kel dor plo koons species, who are unable to survive in oxygenrich environments such as those of.

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