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The company offers products and solutions ranging from measuring and electrical control, protection and control, quality and metering to power factor correction and. Distribucion redes sp circutor scada transformador. Circutor, sa reserves the right to make modifi cations to the device or the unit specifi cations set out in this instruction manual without prior notice. Free webbased online circuit simulator, sketch, simulate, and share your circuits, entirely in your browser. For the device driver, cvmk2 has added an option to disable downloading of the. Editor since the editor is separate from the communications platform, the applications.

M51911, type cvmnrg 96itfrs485c1 circutor chvt 7507,2 circutor m61010 circutor computer smart iii 14 art. Threephase power analyzer balanced and unbalanced for its assembly on panel or din rail mounting with a graphical display. Circutor, sa on its web site, supplies its customers with the latest versions of the device specifi cations and the most updated manuals. The cvm96 series is a programmable power meter that measures the electrical. Greenbergs classic text covers the breadth of neurosurgery and its allied specialties and provides the latest information. Enables communication with equipment, download of files from the memory for subsequent analysis and their parameterisation depending on the model. Circutor offers its software range to address these issues. Cvm power analyzers m53 nowadays, companies, industries or any consumer of electrical energy are trying to optimise costs to become the most competitive players in the market. Cvmk2 threephase power analyzer, assembly on panel or din rail. Mc cvmk2, see appendix a or contact the circutor technical support group. Measurements are in true effective value, via three ac voltage inputs and three ac. Products measurement and control fixed power analyzers power and power quality analyzerscvmk2 series.

This software makes it possible to constantly communicate with the cvmk2 network analyzers as well as with many other analyzer models, and to generate databases in a pc in order to graphically display. Circutor catalogo y tarifa 20 by gomez moreno mijas sl. Using the circuit editor revit products 2017 autodesk. This manual is an easy guide for the use and operation of the computer max 6max 12. Circuit editor pro isotonik studios novation circuit. Discounted maintenance and renewals are available from within your account should you wish to use the latest release of our products. Power factor regulator computer max max 6 max 12 the computer max 6 max 12 pf regulators measure cos.

We can act over a large number of parameters to save on costs, such as on the consumption of electrical energy. Novation circuit x isotonik studios a collaborative. Powerstudio is used to read the instantaneous values of all of circutors units in real time, with the generation of a log that is stored in a pc, which can be studied later on. This data is being extracted with help of the advanced serial data logger modbus rtu,ascii or advanced tcpip data logger modbus tcp software only. Synchronics provides expert electronic repairs for circutor,cvmkl power supply. Circutor sa cvmk cvmkcircutor sa axdos ab plcsweden. R864 circutor cfb461006b r2425r circutor m31751 circutor wgc 180 artnr. Electric components circutor sa other circutor sa cvmk cvmkcircutor sa all used units are powered up and tested as far as we have knowledge to. Allows the complete energy supervision of power analyzers and the complete control of different magnitudes in the industrial process field. This application allows you to read the historical data stored in the. Powervision plus is software used to configure, read and display the files of circutor equipment with internal memory. Upgraded based on users requests and rebuilt from scratch to cope with the demands of automation in ableton live. Circutor sa is one of the leading european companies focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of the electrical energy efficiency equipment.

Download circutor powerstudio scada at free download 64. Suitable for medium and lowvoltage installations in threephase circuits with three or four wires. You use tools on the circuit editor toolbar to add and remove components, view circuit properties, select a panel, and view panel properties for a circuit selected in the drawing area. M55911, type cvmc10itf485ict2 netzanalyser please contact us in case you cant find the product of circutor which you are looking for, we are expecting you to send us an inquiry by email or using our online inquiry form thanks to our partner network in bulgaria and abroad we will provide you with competitive. For more information on how to add a device refer to editor manual. As many other circutor systems, the cvmk2 system drivers are managed by the power studio and powerstudio scada energy management software.

The cvmc10 is a power analyzer for 96x96 mm panels with a compact energy log and fourquadrant measurement consumption and generation. In addition, powervision can be used to download the data stored in the units. Circutor, sa vial sant jordi sn, 08232 viladecavalls barcelona spain tel. Cvmnetmc m982300010312b cvmnetmc power analyzer must be translated into hexadecimal language so thathe user can request a reading of the digital outpu cvmnetmc is an instrument that measures and calculates the primary electric parameters in three. Barb have represented circutor in ireland for over 18 years.

At synchronics we have the experience in repairing circutor,cvmkl power supply in a timely and cost effective manner. View and download circutor cvm144 har user manual online. We are unable to fully test some advanced units, but most is fully tested. Weve also added a completely expanded view for all parameters with no tabbed interfaces, a morph between two patches function and finally intelligent randomisation for instant patch creation on. Alarm and events setup from pc with powerstudio editor. To change the parameters of the ar6, select the node and click the editon the. Combines the circuit, finite state machine, and state chart editors into a single application to show how multiple. From the alarm 16 screen, the equation editor screen is accessed to activate. M982346010310a computer max 6f computer max 12f 3 1 introduction and safety recommendations circutor s.

Harmonic decomposition in voltage and current up to the 50th. Circutors electrical energy efficiency software e3 is currently called powerstudio and encompasses all of the tools needed to manage your power control. Code editor that uses the actiprosoftare syntaxeditor to provide an editing control diagrameditor. Cvmk2 page 1 2 m9820640103a network analyzers cvmk2 modules. Tarifacircutor2012 1 transformador energia electrica. Energy management software m93 energy management software nowadays, companies and industries are interested in more than controlling m. Cvmkl power supply by circutor repair at synchronics. Editor for circuits, consisting of modules with input and output pins and connections between them codeeditor. Cvm144 har measuring instruments pdf manual download. The cvmk2 is an instrument which measures, calculates and displays the main electrical parameters for threephase industrial systems balanced or unbalanced. We provide free quote for circutor,cvmkl power supply sent to us for repair at our works. They also need a centralised system to control the entire installation, so that it can be adequately managed and maintained. Digital output harmonics protocol communications type code.

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